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Rich Z
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Default Oil change access on Trailhawk with 5.7 hemi engine

While I had the Trailhawk up on the lift, I took some pics of the access opening you need to go through to get to the oil filter and the drain plug for the crankcase.

Looks like to me that there should be some sort of panel to close off that opening, but I guess it might be optional, as one didn't come on the vehicle. I guess anyone doing mudding with their Trailhawk would likely appreciate having that closed off to keep mud from blowing up in there. Heck, I think I would like one just to keep dirt and crap blowing up in there while driving down any sort of dirt or sand road.

This was the first oil change for the vehicle (697 miles on the odometer) and that "factory installed" oil filter was a little bit of a challenge to get off there. I had to actually deform the filter a bit with my oil filter extraction tool before it would budge, as it was on there a whole lot tighter than what I was expecting. Getting my arms up in there to get some leverage was a bit of a challenge as well.

Normally I like to fill up the new oil filter with oil before installing it, but that just was not possible here. I tried to fill it at least half way, but then putting it up in there to screw onto the fitting just had oil spilling out and causing a mess that I had to clean up afterwards. Maybe there is a better technique to be used, but I sure hadn't figured it out in this first try.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that the part numbers for the oil filter match up with the same filters I had been using with my LS7 Chevy engine. Which, fortunately, I have several of in my supply cabinet. I did purchase a genuine Mopar filter (04892339AB) for this first oil change, however.

Took exactly 7 quarts. I used Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic 5W-20. Which is not much thicker than just plain water. The oil coming out was surprisingly clean looking, for an engine "break-in" oil change, anyway. Much cleaner than the oil that came out of the 3.6 V6 in my 2015 Wrangler first time I changed the oil in it.

I put in a magnetic oil drain plug, and also put on a magnetic collar that goes half way around the oil filter. This helps to trap some magnetic particles that might be floating around in the oil. Probably not needed, but I have used these things for years on my vettes.

I torqued the oil drain plug to 22 ft. lbs, although I think spec is for 25 ft. lbs. If I remember correctly, on the 3.6 V6 the torque spec is 22, so it's not something critical. I just like torquing all bolts to a spec, if available.
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